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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Since 2010, Sleepzone has been delighting clients with our wide range of sleep & snoring products, read our testimonials to find out what our customers have to say.

Recommended By Leading Doctors and Dentists

Even our pets snore! According to research, 1 in every 4 people snore. For up to 85% of those snoring sufferers the solution is simple. The reason why the Snore Eliminator™ anti-snoring mouthpiece has become so popular amongst snoring sufferers is because it works!

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends oral appliances as the first interventional therapy. There is significant clinical research supporting the use of this technique. Anti-snoring mouthpieces and chin straps have been selling for over a decade and have helped thousands of people who snore and of course their bed time partners as well!

So What Do Our Customers say?

★★★★★ Rahman, Ipoh
"Exactly what i have ordered and really fast delivery!"

★★★★★ Danial Liaw, Kuching
"So far all okay. Although there are some saliva dripping out in the few 2 days, but my wife noticed that my snoring has reduced significantly."

★★★★★ Fadzillah Omar, Klang
"I have become a true believer after been using it for almost 2 week now, my snoring has reduced a lot. My wife can also sleep better now. Thank you for this wonderful product for people like us with snoring problem."

★★★★★ William Tan, Bangsar
"At first I was concerned that my snoring was a sign of serious sleep apnea. I went to see an ENT specialist, who told me I was simply a chronic snorer. He suggested I try an oral device. Well, I followed his advice and luckily I wasn’t disappointed. It takes a while to get used to the feeling inside the mouth, now i feel more refreshed in the morning!"

★★★★★ Amin Ahmad, Terengganu
"Thank you sleepzone.. my snoring has reduced a lot, but still have some snoring. I guess it takes time to improve and get better.."

★★★★★ Melissa Chong, Penang
"I am surprised that the chin strap worked the first time. What a difference! Easy to use and great for travelling."

★★★★★ Hafiz, Kuala Lumpur
"In the beginning, I was very concerned that my snoring was a sign of serious sleep apnea. I went to see an ENT specialist, who told me I was simply a chronic snorer. He suggested I try a mandibular advancement device. Well, I followed his advice and I wasn't disappointed."

★★★★★ Andy Lee, Wangsa Maju
"I'm a college student, and I bought this for my roommate. Its so quiet now!"

★★★★★ Mohd Rashid, Ampang
"Hi. I would say my snoring is 85% gone now, and that’s just after a short use. I’m able to focus much better at work, because I feel i am getting more quality sleep!"

★★★★★ Amirul, Johor Baru
"I wasted my money by buying a cheaper competitor product. Yours is not the cheapest but I learned it is the best."

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