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The Epworth Test (Snoring Test)

In order to measure the severity of the snoring problem, medics developed the Epworth test that is specifically designed to determine the level of impact that the snore problem has on the snorers everyday function, based on the observation that problem snoring has a negative impact on the snorers quality of sleep. 

Measuring The Problem - The Epworth Test

It is the lack of good quality sleep that will cause the snorer to experience tiredness during the day and it is the level of tiredness experienced by the snorer that provides an indication of the severity of the problem.

In a questionnaire format, the snorer is asked to answer a short series of questions that relates to everyday situations in which they experience mild to extreme tiredness. The more extreme the tiredness experienced by the snorer, the more severe the snoring problem. There are also many other methods that determine the nature and severity of problem snoring which can easily be tried at home without having to seek consultation from medical professionals.

To take the Epworth Test, read the following set of statements to identify what type of snore problem you have.

Statement A: “I snore with my mouth open”


Snoring through an open mouth is most likely to indicate that the snore problem is caused by the contact of the relaxed soft throat tissue, creating vibrations that produce the snore sound. This suggests that you may need to examine your diet and lifestyle habits as this type of snoring is most commonly diagnosed in snorers who are either obese, smoke cigarettes or take alcohol/sedatives before bedtime.

How can an anti-snore chin strap help?

As the majority of snorers tend to be over weight, it is suggested that all snorers seek to make sensible, positive changes to their diets and take frequent exercise in order to obtain a healthy BMI. However, it must be noted that this may take some time which is not very useful if the snore problem has progressed to a point where it is seriously affecting you and those around you. It is therefore strongly recommendable that during this period wearing an anti-snore chin strap to serve as a highly effective measure to support lower jaws, keeps the mouth close and aids nasal breathing.

Statement B: “I sleep with my mouth closed"


Snoring through a closed mouth is most likely to indicate that the snore problem is caused by the tongue slipping down the back of the throat as opposed to the vibrations of the soft throat tissues. During sleep our muscles become more relaxed, including the tongue, therefore if the mouth is closed, the airflow is directed through the nasal passages which are partially blocked by the relaxed tongue producing what we recognise as a nasal snore. Anti-snore treatments such as nasal stripes and dilators which are designed to expand the nasal passages in order to increase airflow are commonly used to treat this type of snoring.

How can an anti-snore mouthpiece help?

Evidence does suggest that use of a mandibular advancement device as an anti-snore treatment can also help to reduce or completely eliminate the nasal snore as the advancement of the jaw also serves to prevent the tongue from slipping to the back of the throat responsible for restricting nasal airflow.

Statement C: “I only snore when I sleep on my back”


You are more likely to develop a snore problem if you sleep on your back due to the distribution of weight around the neck and throat. As a result of increased pressure upon the respiratory system, the soft throat tissues, especially the soft palette are more likely to come in to contact, blocking the airflow through the respiratory system and producing the snore sound.

How can anti-snore mouthpiece help?

The most effective remedy for this type of snoring is to try and sleep in the foetal position in order to promote a more even distribution of pressure upon the respiratory system. However, problem snoring of this category can be significantly improved through wearing a mandibular advancement device as the advancement of the jaw will help keep the airways open alleviate some of the pressure created by the added weight upon these tissues. It is very unlikely that you will retain the same sleeping position throughout the night so using an anti-snore mouthpiece such as Snore Eliminator will serve as an extra protective measure.

The materials on this website are intended to give an overview of the condition of snoring. They are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a medical professional. The website does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you are worried about any aspect of your health, you should consult a doctor or sleep specialist in person.