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Ultrabreathe: Improving Fitness, VO2max and O2

ULTRABREATHE Respiratory Lung Trainer is used by athletes, sportsmen, singers over the world over to supercharge their inspiratory muscles. Ultrabreathe is one of the more advanced respiratory exerciser with 2 adjustable valves.

All respiratory trainers, including UltraBreathe improve the strength of the inspiratory (and often expiratory) muscles. This is indeed an expected - but superficial - effect of breathing exercises. As with other respiratory exercisers, the most important benefit is a change in one's body-oxygen levels that can be easily measured using the simple body-oxygen test.

In the evolving EDC world, Ultrabreathe is indeed one of those "must-have" essential item in any EDC kit. Doctors have been prescribing big, bulky breathing devices to increase their lung power for years. Ultrabreathe gives you the same effects, but is so small and compact you can take it with you to exercise your lungs wherever you are. Perfect for the everyday mover!

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There are many causes for shortness of breath leading to lower endurance and body-O2 content in modern athletes and general population.

Any intelligent coach or athlete is aware that elite athletes have one common feature: easier breathing during moderate or even intensive exercise. This leads to more effective oxygen transport.

However, one can achieve the same result by changing his or her breathing pattern at rest. Slower breathing will increase arterial CO2, the key factor in better body oxygenation 24/7. This effect can be also achieved by conditioning the body to slower and less breathing during exercise.

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Ultrabreathe works on the principle of resistance. As you inhale, the resistance created makes your respiratory muscles work harder, and the harder they work the stronger and more durable they become.

Anyone who want to boost their performance and folks who suffer from breathlessness can all benefit from using this ingenious breathing exerciser. Whether you're exercising for cardio fitness, sports or not at all, you'll breathe deeper and more easily than ever.

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The effects of inspiratory muscle training on cycling performance: 

"...respiratory training significantly increased the endurance time of respiratory muscles...blood lactate concentrations were reduced during post training exercise...respiratory trained subjects had lost the sensation of breathlessness.'' - Source: Boutellier et al, 1998. 

''Respiratory endurance increased...cycling endurance time was prolonged...blood lactate concentration was lower. We speculate that the reduction in blood lactate concentration was most likely caused by an improved lactate uptake by the trained respiratory muscles.'' - Source: Boutellier et al, 1999.

How to get most benefits from UltraBreathe?

To begin with you set the resistance at a low level, gradually increasing it as your lung power improves. After a few weeks you should be starting to enjoy the benefits of Ultrabreathe training - and after a month or so just a few days training a week should be sufficient to maintain your enhanced lung function.

In January 1999 a survey revealed that, of those who had used their Ultrabreathe for at least a month, 86% reported improvements in their 'breathing / physical condition.'

Ultrabreath is a patented Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) device. CE marked and registered with the UK MHRA and FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device and is included on the NHS Drug Tariff.

Manufactured in the UK.