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Mabis Spectrum Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope (Orange)

Mabis Spectrum Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope (Orange)

Product Code:    SZ-MABIS-STS-O

Listen to the clear sound of a heartbeat using this lightweight nurse stethoscope from MABIS. It features a chrome-plated brass binaural and an anodized aluminum chestpiece. 

► Clear sounding stethoscope that is great for home and medical use
► Chrome-plated brass binaural and an anodized aluminum chestpiece
► Pair of mushroom eartips
► Spare diaphragm
► Vinyl Y-tubing measuring 22 inches
► Total length: 30 inches

Listen to the clear sound of a heartbeat using this lightweight nurse stethoscope from MABIS. It features a chrome-plated brass binaural and an anodized aluminum chestpiece. Nurses, pediatricians and parents will enjoy using this stylish stethoscope to examine both kids and adults.
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► Model: 10-428-050
► Colour: Orange
► Includes binaural, lightweight anodized aluminum chestpiece, 22” vinyl Y-tubing, spare diaphragm and pair of mushroom eartips.
► Latex-free
► Length: 30"
► Imported from USA
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