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Prestige Medical SpragueLite® Stethoscope

Prestige Medical SpragueLite® Stethoscope

Product Code:    SZ-PM-Slite

The SpragueLite S124 is the most advanced lightweight Sprague available. Designed by Prestige Medical, it has the same five-in-one design as the traditional Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope, but weight much less.

► All the best features of the traditional Sprague-Rappaport, but with significantly less weight
► Versatile 5-in-1 design enables use with adult, pediatric, and infant patients
► Full accessory pouch included: Soft PVC eartips, adult and pediatric diaphragms, pediatric disc and diaphragm assembly, pediatric and infant bells

The most advanced lightweight sprague available. Designed by prestige medical, the sprague-lite is easier and more comfortable to use, while still keeping the features of the traditional sprague.

Includes thick walled tubing and threaded soft ear tips for improved sound clarity and a full accessory pouch. Patent No. DES. 390660.
Accessories Included: Soft PVC eartips, adult and pediatric diaphragms, pediatric disc and diaphragm assembly, pediatric and infant bells
► Overall Length: Appx. 32"
► Weight: Appx. 4.9 oz
► Ideal For: General Practitioners, Nurses, Nursing Students, Medical Students, ER, EMTs
► Imported from U.S.A.

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