PowerOne P675 Implant Plus Battery (Cochlear)

Cochlear Implant Zinc Air Battery

Official Distributor in Malaysia
• Fresh batch - Expiry in Aug 2024 
• Authorized Distributor - Ships directly from Kuala Lumpur 

• Excellent for use in all types of cochlear implants and high performance hearing aids 
• 100% Mercury Free 
• Zinc air batteries 

• Each cell is individually sealed for quality assurance 
• Each cell can be taken separately from the rotary dispenser 
• Medel: Rondo, Sonnet and Opus 2 
• Cochlear: Kanso, Nucleus 5, Nucleus 6, Nucleus 7 Freedom and Baha 
• Oticon: Neuro One, Neuro 2

Product Description

Power One P675 IMPLANT PLUS Zinc Air Batteries (1.45V Dial Pk/6) are designed for today's high performing and power-hungry cochlear implants and processors. These zinc air batteries are designed specifically for use with cochlear implant processors and deliver consistent high performance and good battery life. 

Our battery cells are the only products worldwide to be recommended by Cochlear Company, the market leader for hearing implants. Since implants have a very high energy requirement, powerone IMPLANT PLUS, as an especially durable battery, is excellently suited to cope with such challenges.

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