Chin Strap (Standard)

Snoring Chin Strap (Standard)

Snore Eliminator Chin straps are designed to keep your mouth closed and stabilize your jaw in the right position to prevent your airway from being blocked while you sleep.
Can work with your CPAP mask.

► Fully adjustable fits any head size.
► Light and Portable.
► Made of stretchy, comfortable Neoprene material. Latex free.
► Washable and long lasting. Non toxic and hypoallergenic.
► Factory sterilized sealed package.
► Unique design: One piece, two straps unit.
► One size fits all: Velcro-adjustable support bands
Imported from USA

Product Description

One of the main culprits of snoring is a clogged airway. The Snore Eliminator™ adjustable chin strap (jaw supporter) is an affordable and effective solution that is worn across the chin and around the top and back of the head. It is used primarily to treat mild to moderate snoring caused by sleeping with the mouth open.

The Snore Eliminator™ chin strap assists in keeping the jaw and mouth closed, thus forcing the mouth snorer to breathe through the nasal passages. When your lower jaw is held in a forward and closed position, the muscles and tissues that were once "clogging" your airway and causing you to snore are no longer impeding airflow. With an open airway, snoring can be greatly minimized.

The Snore Eliminator™ chin strap features vertical design that promotes a vertical angle of force on the chin (as opposed to horizontal) in order to reduce the potential of inducing sleep-related events. The adjustable support strap that attaches to a split section of the chin strap and wraps around the back of the head for the ultimate in stability and adjustability.

This effective solution ensures smooth and hassle free breathing by keeping your mouth closed while you sleep thereby keeping the airways clear to frequent snorers. It's lightweight design supports your jaw comfortably closed while you sleep. By simply changing from a mouth to a nasal breather, snoring can be decreased or completely eradicated beginning the first night! An additional benefit is that it can greatly reduces dry mouth/throat. The end result is that you breathe more freely while you sleep, stop snoring, and get a better nights sleep!

Chin Straps are often used for those who experience problems associated with open mouth-breathing during their CPAP therapy. A chin strap can solve these problems by holding the mouth closed during sleep, and may prevent the patient from having to wear a full face CPAP mask. Can be used with most types of mask headgear.

How Does Snore Chin Strap Work?

As the muscles throughout your body relax during sleep, your jaw relaxes as well. In some cases, your chin will drop down causing your mouth to open which may result in snoring. Adding to the issue is the relaxation of the tissue in the back of your throat.

This can cause your tongue to fall back, blocking your airway so you begin to snore. The Snore Eliminator™ chin strap addresses these issues by keeping your mouth closed and preventing your tongue from sliding backwards as your muscles relax.

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