Squip NasaKleen Squeezie Nasal Rinsing

(For Adult and Kids - Sinus Care with 50 Saline Packets)

With the simple use of saline solution, Squeezie effectively washes away unwanted mucous, crusty secretions or allergens from the nasal cavities. It provides relief from symptoms associated with sinus, allergies, colds, or the flu.

► Daily or routine nasal hygiene
► Prevention of sinus related infections
► Drug-free relief from pregnancy congestion
► Follow-up treatment to sinus or nose surgery
► Relief from symptoms associated with nose polyps
► After the excessive use of cold medicines such as nose sprays and drops
► Includes: Nasal rinsing bottle, 50 saline packets & user instruction

Product Description

After a prolonged stay in dry, dusty, or smoky environments, Squeezie cleans and soothes the nasal passages, reducing nasal irritation and moistening the mucous membranes.

Nasaline was invented by a team of Swedish ear, nose, and throat specialists. Working with sinus patients over the years, these specialists recognized a need for a nasal irrigation device that was effective, easy to use, and affordable. For additional information or if you have any questions or comments for the entrepreneurs, please visit their European web site at www.entpro.com.

Kit Contains:

Squeezie nasal rinsing bottle and 50 pre-measured saline packets
The Nasaline product is entirely latex-free.
Manufactured by Squip Inc, USA

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