Ultrabreathe: Users and Applications

Ultrabreathe caters to a wide range of users from athletes to singers, performance artists to people with medical conditions.

The patented Ultrabreathe is used by athletes, sportspeople, singers and musicians the world over to supercharge their inspiratory muscles.

1) Henk Verschuur – Editor, Martial Arts News Magazine

“I tried it and it worked! Exercising with the Ultrabreathe morning and evening has improved my breathing stamina immensely. I compared it with my hypoxia training, training with less oxygen, which I did in the sixties when I was a top athlete, but I honestly prefer this to all those methods…it is effective and delivers what it promises”

2) Steven Mead – World famous euphonium player

“I’ve been using the Ultrabreathe for over two years now and have noticed a large improvement in the quantity and quality of air I’m able to use. To date I have never met anyone who used it and did not feel an almost immediate benefit from it”

3) Sean Swarner – The Cancer Climber Association

“I think the Ultrabreathe played a great impact on me making the summit of Kilimanjaro again. Can’t thank you enough. I’m back home safe and sound and using it every day” 

Sean Swarner, The Cancer Climber Association (www.cancerclimber.org)

4) Older People

Clinical research shows that improving the strength and durability of the muscles we use to breathe in can both significantly reduce the sensation of breathlessness and lead to increased exercise tolerance and endurance.

5) Performance Artists

Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Actors can all benefit from inspiratory muscle training with the Ultrabreathe.

Strengthening the breathing muscles, will help improve breath control thereby supporting voice vocalization, performance anxiety and improve diaphragmatic strength for musicians and singers/actors.

6) Respiratory Muscle Training in patients with bronchial asthma

”In patients with asthma, the respiratory muscles have to overcome the increased resistance while they become progressively disadvantaged by hyperinflation.

We hypothesized that increasing respiratory muscle strength and endurance with specific inspiratory muscle training (SIMT) would result in improvement in asthma symptoms in patients with asthma. We conclude that SIMT for 6 months improves the inspiratory muscle strength and endurance and results in improvement in asthma symptoms, hospitalization for asthma, emergency department contact, absence from school or work, and medication consumption in patients with asthma.”

Source: Weiner P, Azgad Y, Ganam R, Weiner M. Dept. of MedicineHillel Yaffe Medical Center, Hadera, Israel.

7) Divers

The ultimate product to support scuba divers and free divers. Increase your breath control to maximise your diaphragmatic strength and swimming endurance to enhance your diving experience.